The Secret to my Shakes

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If you're an avid smoothie/shake drinker and you're not doing this already; you need to. This is probably the easiest way to ensure you get your daily dose of greens. These things are beyond easy to make and really simplify the process of making shakes and smoothies at home. And since my husband and I have almost a shake/smoothie a day, whether it's as a meal replacement or for post-workout recover, making these green ice cubes saves us money as well. I throw at 2-3 green cubes in the blender along with almond milk or coconut water, protein powder, and frozen fruit; no need for ice! 

I usually use kale and spinach to make my green cubes when I shop at the commissary, but unfortunately when we made our most recent trip to Costco they only had spinach. But that's okay, because the ginormous 2.5lb bag was under $5!

This is all you need to make your own green ice cubes:

Place a couple of hefty handfuls of spinach in your blender and just add water. Easy as that! You may need to add more water if you find your concoction isn't mixing. I also find it necessary sometimes to use a utensil to push some of the spinach down towards the blade. When the blender is turned off, of course.

When the mixture looks fairly smooth go ahead and pour the green stuff evenly into your ice cub trays like so:

As you can see, my trays over flow into one another, which is fine because it's all going to freeze and will still break apart when it's time. Just make sure that when you place the trays in the freezer they are on a relatively flat surface and with nothing on top of them, to avoid and spills or mess. I usually wait 12-24 before breaking them apart to ensure they're completely frozen. After all of the cubes are out of the trays I throw them into a gallon size Ziploc bag and throw them back in the freezer. Easy, right?

I normally repeat the entire process one more time, maybe two more times, if I'm not going to use the remaining spinach for cooking.

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